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How to Use Hard Waxing Beans for Hair Removal – The Ultimate Step by Step Guide on How to Use Hot Wax Beads

Hi guys! So in my previous post I went into detail about what hard wax beans are all about. This time, I’m going to be guiding you through the actual process of how to use hard wax beads for hair removal.

In this post, I break the entire process down into clear, easy to follow steps for you guys, and I’ve made sure to include all of the tips and tricks that I’ve learnt about using wax beads through my long (oh so long) process of trial and error (I’ve been buying and testing these babies out for over 9 months now).

Like I said elsewhere on this website, I have been doing my own waxing ever since I was 19, and I’ve also visited my fair share of waxing salons. In all my years, I have honestly never come across a product quite like these incredible little body hair removal hard wax beans.

What’s so great about hard wax beads?

Aside from looking cool and being available in lots of fun colors and scents (chocolate, honey, lavender, strawberry, hibiscus, green tea, you name it), the plain and simple reason why hard wax beans are so amazing is the fact that they just WORK.

How to Use Hard Wax Beans

Hard wax beans come in tons of pretty colors

They legit work, you guys. Painless, stripless hair removal is so easy with these beads, I’m surprised they aren’t trending mainstream – even I found out about them through a lonesome, inconspicuous Instagram post on a friend’s profile(the post had just 3 likes and was buried under memes and honeymoon pictures).

With hard wax beads hair removal is a breeze. This kind of stripless waxing is painless (the formula ensures that the wax grips only the hair, not the skin), and there really is no need for messy strips and cloths (when it dries, it is firm but pliable and you can easily remove it with your fingers). These beans are the best kind of hard stripless wax there is.

Waxing beads are made of a special formula that ensures the removal of 98-99% hairs and yet it is sensitive enough to be compatible with all skin types (however, please do check the safety guidelines at the end of this post!). The results are long-lasting (after using wax beads for waxing, I remain hairless for a good 4 weeks), and you can say goodbye to exorbitant waxing salon bills – cool beans indeed 😀 (sorry).

These stripless painless depilatory hard wax beans are seriously so easy and convenient to use, they’ll make the biggest, hairiest scaredy cats do a complete 180 and start DIY waxing without batting an eye.

I image they would work equally well in a salon setting too. These waxing beans are just really exciting in terms of what they can do and how they can totally change the hair removal game for women the world over!

Getting Started – What you’ll need

The Wax:

To start with, you’ll need hot wax beans – they are great no matter where you intend to wax, whether you need hard wax for the face or whether you’re planning a hard wax Brazilian.

Hard Wax Beads

There’s no shortage of choice, but it can be hard to pick the right ones. I’ve tried out most of what the market currently has to offer, and my top picks are the wax beans that were easiest to melt and apply, gentlest on the skin, best at removing the largest amount of hair, most painless to remove, and the most mess-free. For the best hard wax beads, I would advise that you go for any of the following:

#1. Cirepil Blue Wax by Perron Rigot

These Cirepil wax beads are definitely one of my top favorites and one of the best waxing beans! Cirepil hard wax beans are incredibly easy to use – they melt into a velvety liquid wax, which glides on with ease, shrink-wraps each hair (coarse or fine), and it stays super flexible even when it dries, so you can pull it off easily and painlessly.

Cirepil Hard Wax Beans Blue

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For the more sensitive areas and DIY Brazilians, you can also try Cirepil’s Intimate 4 Wax Beads, which are even more gentle on the skin:

Cirepil Blue Sensitive Skin Wax

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#2. The Perfect Wax by The Perfect Sculpt™

Bras aren’t the only thing these folks know how to do – their waxing beans are top-notch and I’ve found the formula to be super easy to melt, nicely pliable when dry, and perfectly painless to remove. Leaves you with smooth, hair-free skin no matter where you apply it.

Blue Hard Wax

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#3. Wax Necessities Film Hard Wax Beads

Wax Necessities hard wax beads are pretty rad if you’re looking for a painless, stripless waxing experience. Plus they’ve got chamomile in the formula, which soothes the skin while you go about your waxing business.

Hard Wax Beans Reviews

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#4. Plazuria Hair Removal Hard Wax Beans

Another one of the best hard wax beans out there. In addition to giving you a painless, convenient, and mess-free waxing experience, Plazuria’s  miracle wax beans contain added coconut oil and beeswax, which soothe and moisturize your skin while you wax.

Plazuria Hard Wax Beans

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The Heat

Their easy meltability is one of their plus points, and you can go two ways in deciding how to melt hard wax beans – the microwave or a wax warmer. Honestly, both will get the job done, and melt the wax beans into a creamy, fluid formula.

However, I’m gonna say the wax warmer has a major advantage over the microwave because it is just more convenient, and definitely something a serious DIY waxer should own.

While the micro will efficiently nuke it and melt it for you, it won’t keep the wax consistently warm. Your best bet when using a microwave for the job is to stand right next to it while you wax, so you can keep popping the wax back in every time it gets cold.

A wax warmer, on the other hand, is small and easy to place wherever you want (your bedroom, bathroom, or wherever you are waxing). It keeps the wax at a consistent temperature throughout your waxing session so instead of having to struggle to keep the wax warm, you can focus on the hair removal part! Can I also just say it is pretty dope to watch the beans melt in the warmers?

As a long-time waxing DIY-er, I’d say a wax warmer should be part of every home waxing kit. I’ve got a couple of tried and tested wax warmers that have worked great for me. Here are some recommendations:

#1. GiGi Wax Warmer

How do I love this Gigi wax warmer? Let me count the ways. Okay, I won’t wax lyrical (geddit?) on this matter, but trust me, this warmer is epic and super reliable; it has been my trusty companion through many a wax session. It will keep your wax at the perfect temperature, and ensure you have a smooth and successful wax session every time.

Gigi Hard Wax Warmer

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#2. Makartt Wax Warmer

This is another trustworthy little beauty that will warm up your wax in no time and have it at the perfect temperature for all your waxing needs. It is a pretty stellar warmer with great performance!

How to Use Hard Wax Warmer

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#3. Salon Sundry Portable Electric Wax Warmer

Yet another superb choice for keeping your wax at the perfect temperature and consistency throughout your session.

Hard Wax Beans Warmer

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The Applicator

You can peel it off with your fingers when it dries, but when the wax beans are in their melted form, you’re going to need a spatula to spread them on to your skin. Some people swear by those plastic slanted spatulas, but I prefer to use regular old wooden wax applicators – they’re inexpensive and they get the job done well.

I like to stock up on these Rayson Wax Applicators for larger areas like arms and legs:

Hard Wax Applicators

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And these are great for the trickier areas where you need more maneuverability (think bikini lines):

Gigi Hard Wax Applicators

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Meanwhile, these Gigi Fine Applicators are great for extreme precision, like when you’re waxing areas like your eyebrows.

Gigi fine applicators

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However, you can just kill all your wax application needs with one stone and go for this ‘For Pro Wood Applicator Wax Spatulas Tray’ which contains 400 wooden spatulas in three different sizes, for use on different parts of the body:

Hard Wax Applicator Kit

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Before we begin: Some friendly advice from an experienced DIY waxer

Newbies and amateurs, this one is for you. If this is your first time going the DIY route, please start slow and small, and remember that you need to practice and get the feel of self-waxing before you can move on to more sensitive areas.

I’d advise that you start practicing on your leg (that is where it’ll have the least impact if you happen to mess up). Wax small patches of your leg, and once you get the hang of it, start waxing larger patches. You can also practice safely on your arm.

Once you master the arm and the leg, you can move on to the underarms, face, and other areas (remember that it’s important to always wax in small patches every time you attempt a new and unfamiliar area). The bikini line is that last area you should tackle – go for it only after you’ve mastered all other areas. Waxing with hard wax beans is super simple, but do go easy on yourself and allow yourself to learn – it does take time!

Ready, Steady, Wax! Step-by-step guide

Once you’ve got everything you need, it’s time to begin waxing.

Step 1:

Might seem like a no-brainer, but I seriously can’t stress this enough – please don’t just start waxing in a hurry. Whether you’re waxing your legs with hard wax or waxing your eyebrows with hard wax, take time to make sure your skin is thoroughly cleansed and grease-free before you begin!

So many people complain about how they don’t get good results with DIY waxing, but barely anyone bothers to follow the rules.

You cannot start waxing without ensuring that your skin is clean, dry, and grease-free – only then do you get the best results. It’s also important to not skip the cleansing step because when you wax, any bacteria that is on your skin has a chance of getting into the open pores. So, do yourself a favor and before you go through all that effort – CLEANSE.

Two of my favorites are the Gigi Cleanser and the Clean + Easy Cleanser.

Waxing Skin Cleanser

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Skin Cleanser before Waxing

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With most hard waxes, you need to follow up the cleansing by applying some kind of powder or oil pre-waxing, to create that little barrier between your skin and the wax, but with hard wax beans, you can skip that entirely. Cool, right?

Step 2:

Next, heat up the wax beads until they melt – you can stir them with your applicator stick to help them along. Once the wax pellets have melted completely, we need to get them to a comfortable working temperature. This is super easy if you’re using a wax warmer – simply turn it down to a lower heat setting. However, if you’re using a microwave, you’ll need to let the wax stand and cool off a bit.

Never start waxing immediately after heating – that’s how people end up burning their skin! Always make sure you test the temperature first. To do this, let the wax cool a bit, give it a stir, then using the applicator stick, dab a little onto the inside of your wrist.

Hard Wax Beans Wax Warmer

A wax warmer will keep your hard wax beans at the perfect temperature and consistency

If the temperature is comfortable, you can proceed to the next step. Otherwise, heat or cool the wax as per your needs, to get it to a workable temperature. However, keep in mind that the wax needs to be runny and liquid in order for it to be usable, so don’t let it cool to the point where it becomes thick and hard to work with!

You will need to keep stirring the wax with your applicator stick every now and then throughout the waxing session, to maintain an even temperature throughout the mixture and also to check the consistency (it should be like runny honey).

Step 3:

Check the direction of hair growth in the area you’re waxing. Hard wax beans have a special formula that does not distort hair follicles, so you can pretty much apply the wax in any direction However, I’d advise that you apply wax in the direction of the hair growth, because this leads to the best hair removal results.

Step 4:

Now, dip your applicator stick into the wax, swirl it around and scoop up a small, marble-sized amount on its tip, twirling it around the stick to keep it from dripping back into the container.

Then, spread it smoothly over your intended area, along the direction of the hair growth, making sure you spread it fairly thick (if it is too thin a layer, it will crack and not come off smoothly in one piece). Keep the edges a little thicker than the rest of the wax patch, so that the patch is easier to remove when it hardens.

A little unrelated tip which really makes a difference – DIY waxing works best in a super well-lit room. Also, kinda TMI, but I like to use a mirror when I do Brazilian waxes, it just makes it so much more easier to see what you’re doing.

Another tip – work in sections! Don’t try to cover large areas all in one go.

Step 5:

Once you’ve spread it on, give the wax patch some time to cool and harden. With wax beans, this doesn’t take much time, and you can check it by tapping it with your fingernail (it’ll make a slight noise once it has set). Basically, it should be smooth and firm to the touch – that way you’ll know it has set and is ready to be removed. When they dry, wax beans firm up, but still remain pretty flexible and pliable.

Step 6:

Now, it’s time to remove the wax patch. Use the clean end of your applicator stick to loosen up a tiny edge of the patch which you can grip, hold the skin of the intended area taut, and then rip the patch off in one firm, fluid and swift motion AGAINST the direction of hair growth.

You absolutely NEED to be firm and quick when ripping it off, and keep as close and parallel to the skin as possible while you pull (don’t pull it upwards at a steep angle, this might cause bruising). If done the correct way, waxing beans are painless and super easy to use!

Step 7:

Admire your smooth, hair-free patch of skin and take a moment to marvel at how that didn’t even hurt! Also enjoy examining the wax patch you just removed, with your hair now stuck to it (go on, you know you want to).

Step 8:

Repeat the process and keep working in sections until your desired area is completely hair free. Unlike other waxes, you can go over the same area in a single session twice, if needed (or just tweeze any leftover hair later, if you prefer).

Hard wax beans leave no residue on the skin, so there will be no sticky post-wax cleaning up sessions required – yay! However, if you do experience a little post-wax redness (it can happen sometimes), apply a cooling product like aloe vera gel, and that will clear it up in no time.

Step 9:

Enjoy silky, hairless skin for weeks! Use the money you save on waxing salons for cooler stuff! To keep your skin smooth and healthy, make sure you regularly exfoliate the waxed areas.

You can also use lotions that slow the re-growth of hair, though with hard wax beans, the regrowth is so naturally slow that I’ve never really felt the need for any lotions.

Safety advice for using Hard Wax Beans

Given their natural ingredients, hard wax beads for hair removal are generally safe for all skin types. However, as with all waxes and hair removal products, you need to make absolutely sure you do not use hard wax beans on broken, irritated, inflamed or injured skin, or on warts, moles, sunburned areas or areas of the skin that have recently been affected by surgery.

In addition, be careful not to wax your skin within 2 hours after showering or sunbathing, and do not go for sunbathing, tanning, or exfoliating for at least a day or two after you’ve waxed.

In order to make sure you do not have an allergic reaction to waxing beads, test a small bit on a small patch of your skin (preferably on the area inside your forearm) – if, after 24 hours, all seems well and you haven’t developed a rash or experienced any other adverse reactions, it means you are good to go.

Do not use hard wax hair removal beans if your skin has reacted badly to wax products in the past. If you have skin conditions/skin-related disorders like eczema, or are using medication that has an impact on your skin, please consult your doctor before use.

Remember guys – hairless, smooth skin is a major goal, but it’s also important to be super careful about your health and skin, so if you think a product is affecting you adversely, discontinue use and consult with a doctor immediately! XOXO

About the Author Isabella Avon

Hardcore beauty enthusiast, fashion maven, fitness fanatic, and aspiring dermatologist, Isabella is a long-time-frequenter-of-waxing-salons turned DIY-er. Always on the lookout for depilatory products that are painless and easy to use, she's a waxing beans convert and determined to teach you everything she's learned about achieving perfectly hairless and smooth skin!

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