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how to remove waxing wax from skin

How to Get Wax Off Skin (Post Waxing Cleanup)

While waxing is a great way to remove unwanted facial and body hair, removing the leftover patches of wax from your skin, post-session, can be a tricky and annoying process. You’ve just endured having your hair ripped out from the roots – the thought of post-wax clean up, to get rid of any residual wax […]

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best depilatory creams

Best Hair Removal Creams (Depilatory Creams)

I am often asked if hair removal creams work as well as waxing? While waxing, epilation and laser treatments are popular hair removal methods, primarily because they treat the hair growth at the root level and have long-lasting results, they admittedly aren’t for everyone. Everyone has a different pain threshold, and while some people may […]

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leg waxing duration

How Long Does Leg Waxing Last? (Tips for Longer Lasting Waxes)

There’s little that can make you feel as put together and in control of your life as freshly waxed legs. While methods such as shaving and epilating are quick fixes, waxing is an alternative that might come with a little bit of pain but is worth it in terms of its benefits (if you’re looking […]

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