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What are Hard Wax Beans?

  • Specially Formulated Depilatory Hard Wax Beads
  • Typically Made Using Rosin with added Beneficial Ingredients Like Coconut Oil, Lavender and Coco Butter
  • Stripless Hair Removal for Arms, Legs, Face, Back, Armpits, Bikini Line and Painless Brazilian

Why use Hard Wax Beans?

  • Stripless, Non-sticky, Easy to Use and Mess-Free Hair Removal
  • Effectively Grips and Painlessly Pulls out unwanted Hair, from the Coarsest Strands to the Finest Fuzz
  • Long-lasting results and inexpensive DIY home waxing alternative to professional salons

How to use Hard Wax Beans?

  • Heat up Hard Wax Beans until they melt into a smooth mixture.
  • Apply to skin and let it harden - it will still be pliable. Tap it with your fingers to check if it has set and is ready to be removed.
  • Use fingers to rip off wax patch and enjoy smooth, silky, hair-free skin

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